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Why bother with a Blog?

Blogging is crucial for your business for the following 5 main reasons:

  1. It helps drive traffic back to your website.
  2. It helps convert that traffic to new leads.
  3. It gets you more visibility and credibility.
  4. It can make you an expert within your sector.
  5. It allows you to build your own community and develop one-on-one relationships.

Advertising Code of Practice: Social Media

Advertising Code of Practice for Social Media The Interactive Advertising Bureau of SA (IAB SA) is an advertising business organisation that develops industry standards, conducts research, and provides legal support for the online advertising industry. At the beginning of October 2018, it introduced the draft guidelines for a Code of Practice to be used in [...]

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Elegant PowerPoint templates for a steal

Elegant PowerPoint templates worth the download. You are, no doubt, exposed to all sorts of resources on the internet and some of these may be for new ideas on PowerPoint templates for those presentations which we cannot avoid. You can get ideas from Slideshare or buy templates from Slide Store. But it's always great when [...]

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Intrepid Entrepreneurs create Dropbox

Dropbox Idea invented on a bus. In July 2018, the BBC's weekly The Boss series profiled a different business leader from around the world. They spoke to DREW HOUSTON, founder and chief executive of US cloud storage company Dropbox. Back in 2007,  the 24-year-old was desperate to secure funding to get his idea for a [...]

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Marketing Jargon explained in a flash

A Marketing Jargon Glossary - just the ticket. Marketing Jargon getting you down? Are you tired of "sort of knowing" what certain terms really mean? Ever get caught in a 'brain-freeze' trying to use the correct word or phrase in the right context? Then this eBook is for you! It will serve as a resource [...]

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Mobile Indexing by Google needs your attention

Indexing changes by Google Mobile indexing launched recently, based on a decision taken in March 2017 when Google decided that they were going to provide a better experience for mobile/cell phone users. The result of this decision is that websites which are mobile-friendly will now to be indexed with a higher priority by Google during [...]

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Quality controls for digital marketing excellence?

Quality Assurance. Is it lacking in digital marketing? Like anything, digital marketing excellence forms part of the standards of our communication. Is the drive for outcomes overpowering the process used? Perhaps there is a place for an objective influence, like the freelance/outsourced digital project manager who can ensure excellence in digital implementation? I’d be interested [...]

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Marketing will win the battle for customers

Marketing will win the race - it is becoming a powerful and resource-rich function of business. In today’s digital world, marketing is the function responsible for creating and sustaining a long-lasting relationship with the most important asset of any business – the customer. These are some of the introductory words to the white paper on [...]

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