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Digital marketing refers to “marketing in a digital world”. It is accountable, measurable and provides interaction with your target audience. It is concerned with the Who? How? Cost? and Profit? of your online marketing initiatives across a variety of digital platforms or channels.

The sales funnel exists in the same way as it does in traditional marketing, but now there are more accessible metrics to assist with nurturing leads to become customers.

We all have a great variety of choices on how we wish to consume information today. Your potential customer has various devices providing access to a variety of digital platforms to help them to do buying research, improve their knowledge or access lifestyle input, If you want a better chance of being seen, found in Search results or getting your message heard in the huge ocean of information that is the internet, digital marketing will provide the playing field and an integrated and consistent presence.

Kingsway Marketing has business experience over the last 25 years to give you advice you can trust on how to start, upgrade or optimise your digital marketing initiatives.

In addition, when partnering with us, you have access to an extensive network of accredited professionals across marketing, governance, HR (change management, recruitment and sales training) and creative specialisations.


From just several thousand Rand for a basic website to a more complex commercial site, Kingsway Marketing can give you the appropriate advice on where to start, how to progress, what you need when creating your first site or upgrading an existing one to work across all devices in order to create the best user experience.

There are a vast number of people out there who can create a website for you, but remember that it has to work for you as a sales and lead generation engine for your business – that’s where Kingsway Marketing can make a difference.

We specialise in content for websites, writing articles for your blog (so that search engines recognise that you’re creating new and fresh content) and help in pinning down those all-important keywords which your targeted customer will use to search for your product or services.


The nature of your business, your objectives, target audience definition and strategy should be translated into a digital marketing strategy which will direct where and how you can use and optimise social media platforms.

The aim of having relevant and engaging content on your social media platforms is to generate a flow of leads to your business.  A realistic and implementable activity plan needs to be documented and activated to draw your target audience in your direction, as opposed towards to your competitors.

Social media platforms or platforms suitable for most businesses are:

  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook for business
  • Google AdWords
  • Twitter
  • YouTube and
  • Instagram

We like to tell our clients that it’s best to go slowly, define your audience, set your priorities in line with objectives and see what works.  If you have already created various online properties (like those noted above), then we can help you optimise your various initiatives. The worst thing you can do in the social media marketing landscape is NOT to have an updated page/property.


Email marketing remains highly relevant and continues to work for businesses around the world. In fact, it has become quite strategic, rather than just being the online version of a “shotgun marketing approach”.

How you create a new, or manage your existing database, what offers you include and how often you speak to your existing or potential customers is what Kingsway Marketing can advise you on.

Ask us about how we can integrate your online/digital efforts with a choice from suitable software platforms, which will provide easy management of social media conversations, emailers, website landing pages and more.  These all include monitoring and reporting functionality which is key to managing your investment online.

Integrate your digital marketing communication;
Set up or optimise your various online channels; or
Just chat to us about the best method to put out online the word about your business!

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