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What is Interim Management?

Interim Management (previously known as freelance services) relates to outsourcing of personnel to drive and manage certain functions in your organisation. Some of these options may meet your search for solutions:

  • holding the fort during the lead-up to finding the right staff member to join your business;
  • because you need some marketing expertise for a specific time period;
  • you can’t afford a full-time marketing person with all the cost implications a permanent position brings;
  • on-the-job training of new marketing team members;
  • client service assistance when your Agency is stretched for resources.
  • a competent manager is needed to (a) co-ordinate a sports event you’ve sponsored and/or (b) leverage your brand.

Every solution provided is different and tailored to your requirements, but is managed on tried and tested processes and principles.

Benefit from an in-house/out-sourced solution which adds value, provides stability and draws on years of experience in the marketing field. Check out Irene’s personal profile on LinkedIn or read more about why you should choose Kingsway Marketing.

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