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If you choose Kingsway Marketing, what’s in it for you?

Be treated to Experience, Knowledge and Passion.

  1. You’ll work with a team that ‘wasn’t born yesterday’ and can offer you keen insight and reliability learned over the last 25 years.
  2. Be confident that they’re not stuck in the past and keep up with innovative thinking and best practice.
  3. You won’t be ‘blindsided’ with jargon and technical ‘gobbledegook’.
  4. Enjoy working with a partner who wants your marketing initiatives to succeed as much as you do.

You’ll get great advice on:

Choose Kingsway Marketing as your partner and take advantage of their ability to integrate your marketing initiatives with your business objectives, so that there is a seamless process driving your online and offline programmes and communications. This will give you added synergy for return on investment.

Interested? Let’s get together for an informal “explore” meeting to chat about your business and how KINGSWAY MARKETING can add value. In difficult economic times, you need to know that your marketing buck will be well invested!

Choose Kingsway Marketing for a one hour complimentary consultation
Choose Kingsway Marketing and Irene Pilavachi

Work with the Managing Founder of Kingsway Marketing.

Irene Pilavachi started Kingsway Marketing to add value for those companies who are making a difference in people’s lives. The approach she chose was to use online content marketing to drive customer response to business value propositions.

Having been on both sides of the business – agency and client – Irene understands what the expectations and needs of both teams are.  During her career, Irene has been interacting with marketing companies, their suppliers and the media, as well as design houses and specialist agencies. 

Irene enjoys taking away the confusion and mystique that can surround the digital space. 

Have a look at Irene’s LinkedIn profile for more. If qualifications matter, here’s the list:

  1. B.A. Degree in Languages from the University of Cape Town.
  2. Post-Graduate Diploma in Marketing Management from UNISA.
  3. Certificate in Direct Marketing (Dist.) from Boston House College.
  4. Mobile Marketing Programme at UCT Graduate School of Business.
  5. Diploma in Social Media Marketing (Dist.) from Shaw Academy.
  6. Diploma in Digital Marketing (Dist.) from Shaw Academy.

Email any enquiries or requests to irene@kingswaymarketing.co.za to get started and get benefits right away!