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A digital marketing strategy is as vitally important as a business strategy.

Author Lewis Carroll once said “If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will take you there.” Times are tough and none of us can afford to splash out hard-earned money on campaigns or initiatives which don’t have measurable objectives, achievable goals and sustainable plans.

We can help you to create any of the following:

Digital Marketing Strategy

Answer the What? How? and Why? questions about the future of your business. Kingsway Marketing can assist with the creation and preparation of a digital marketing strategy tailored for you. If you already have a strategy, sometimes it’s just a matter of fine-tuning some aspects, or else seeing opportunities from a different perspective, that can change a good marketing strategy into a GREAT digital marketing strategy.

A Marketing Plan

This is based on the marketing strategy. Once your digital marketing strategy is agreed upon, the next step is to develop the framework for the marketing plan.  This means looking at what has been done before (if anything), how consistent the marketing effort has been across all components and what new opportunities are available to explore and take advantage of.  The age-old rule is, “the better the planning, the greater the chance of success”.

Implement the Digital Marketing Plan

Just a logical process, which requires a pre-determined budget and sustained, concentrated effort.  Kingsway Marketing can either do this on your behalf, or work with current staff to implement your initiatives, depending on your resources, capacity and needs.  Ask about our different models of engagement to decide on what will suit you best.

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