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Elegant PowerPoint templates for a steal

Elegant PowerPoint templates for a steal

Elegant PowerPoint templates worth the download.

You are, no doubt, exposed to all sorts of resources on the internet and some of these may be for new ideas on PowerPoint templates for those presentations which we cannot avoid. You can get ideas from Slideshare or buy templates from Slide Store. But it’s always great when you can get access to layouts and ideas without having to fork out.

A very useful link came up in my LinkedIn newsfeed some time ago, so I bookmarked it for future use. It was only recently that I downloaded a sample of the elegant PowerPoint templates on offer and I must say, they are great. A simple login to the site gives you access to all sorts of layouts and templates.

Youexec.com is worth! Follow the login link here.

p.s. If you can’t be bothered to prepare your own presentations, or want some help doing them, give us a buzz.

Intrepid Entrepreneurs create Dropbox

Intrepid Entrepreneurs create Dropbox

Dropbox Idea invented on a bus.

In July 2018, the BBC’s weekly The Boss series profiled a different business leader from around the world. They spoke to DREW HOUSTON, founder and chief executive of US cloud storage company Dropbox.

Back in 2007,  the 24-year-old was desperate to secure funding to get his idea for a cloud storage business up and running. But his backer would only agree if he got a business partner on board, because they felt that new companies are far more likely to succeed if they have more than one founder – meaning more than one person to make decisions and cope with the workload.

Drew is current worth more than US$3bn, so I guess his idea and the partnership were worth the angst of partnering with someone he never knew!

Read more about this story by following this link to the BBC.

You never know what can come of a partnership. If you are interested in finding a professional to work with you to help your business soar, contact Kingsway Marketing for a complimentary Explore session.

Leverage internal skills for event photography.

Leverage internal skills for event photography.

Event photography takes more skill than you imagine, especially if this is something for an important corporate occasion, or one which needs to provide a legacy.

If there are avid photographers on your staff who need an extra boost, then make a sound decision to book a one or two day photographic course from Peter Morey Photography at your offices.

Peter will teach your staff about event photography so that they will have usable photos for all your internal requirements. The course content includes:

  • Learn about your camera
  • What the different settings and buttons mean
  • Common problems discussed
  • Shutter speed, f-stops and flash photography

Plus, there will be an opportunity to discuss and evaluate their pics.

I have worked with Peter over five years and believe he will provide the value you are looking for. Connect with Peter on LinkedIn or check out his details below.

We’d love it if you tell him we referred you!