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Quality Assurance. Is it lacking in digital marketing?

Like anything, digital marketing excellence forms part of the standards of our communication. Is the drive for outcomes overpowering the process used?

Perhaps there is a place for an objective influence, like the freelance/outsourced digital project manager who can ensure excellence in digital implementation?

I’d be interested in feedback from clients and agencies. To define this role, it would be a professional who:

  • knows what digital/content/social media marketing is all about
  • doesn’t physically do the work, but ensures that those executing the campaigns are proficient in their implementation
  • is responsible to ensure digital marketing excellence by doing the following:-

(i) that work is done within deadline.
(ii) targeted, relevant content is used.
(iii) that the client’s objectives are being met.
(iv) that comprehensive reports on all activity to the agency / business / client are being done.
(v) that the bigger picture and the detail are aligned.

This may or may not be for ongoing work (as then you may as well employ someone), but such a person would be engaged for:
(a) short-term or large projects;
(b) while permanent staff are being sought for hiring; or even
(c) when staff are on leave; and
(d) if the Cost-to-Company of a permanent employee is not warranted.

Is there a gap for someone to step in and hold everything together?

Please let me have your feedback – all comments welcome.